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Natural Light Photography


The theme of this color photography workshop is learning to appreciate and become more sensitive to the natural, organic quality of light and color in the world around us.  This workshop is about seeing natural light and color and taking time to submerse ourselves in our subject and environment to capture those fleeting moments of life.

Through image presentation, photography capture, and image review, you will learn to expand your awareness of seeing how natural light and color can further enhance and reveal the essence of your subjects.  For this workshop, we will be using only the light we find for image capture.  Both natural light (sunlight in any form) and available light (includes artificial light sources) will be our "artistic light" brushes.  In Randy's own words, "I love how natural light can express and accentuate the color medium.  There is a natural, organic quality that adds both realism and intrigue to my photographs.  While challenging at times, I can promise the rewards are great!"

At the end of the workshop participants will leave feeling energized and inspired with a greater appreciation of light and color, and a renewed confidence in seeing which will enhance their personal photographic journey. 


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