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Elements of Visual Design

Date: Pending

Good composition is the photographer's creative pathway to make powerful photographs that will get noticed and stand above the rest.  During this workshop, our time will be dedicated to exploring the visual foundation for creating images with stopping power and emotional impact.

Through lively class discussions, image presentation, and photo reviews of images capture by photographers during the workshop, Randy will bring to light the creative use of composition and perspective in color photography. We will learn the art of seeing from the camera’s perspective and how it is different from our visual reality. Some of the topics covered in this workshop will include: light and color, framing, positive/negative space, harmony and balance, pattern, motion, line, form, and texture. We will also explore the essential of using gesture to add life and a sense of movement in your images.

By the end of this workshop, you will possess a greater understanding of photographic visual design and the compositional foundation for creating a more compelling photographic image.


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